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From keeping your business securely connected in this digital world, through to navigating the changing telecoms landscape, we exist to help your business perform better and work smarter.

We ensure you have the connections and tools to do business in this modern world, and we do it by listening to you and understanding your business needs, so that we can provide the solution that is right for you and your team.

We are here to help

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    Why Aonix Limited?
    Here's 6 great reasons…

    Our people-first approach means you and your team will receive the training and advice to ensure you gain every ounce of value from our technical solutions.
    We are active in our local community and give our team the hours to volunteer and contribute to our worthwhile neighbouring businesses.
    We’ve been building longstanding relationships for the last 40 years, and we work hard every day to maintain our excellent reputation.
    We use our own excellent ‘in-house’ engineers, which means you’ll never experience poor service from a 3rd party contractor.
    We may provide you with technical solutions, first and foremost, we’re nice people who’ll make the complicated simple, and the technical understandable.
    We’re UK based, so if there is an issue, we can sort it quickly. Which means your business enjoys maximum up-time and efficiency.

    Our Connection Services

    Aonix Limited’s proven products and services provide the foundation
    you and your business need in today’s online environment.

    Managed Connectivity Services

    Achieve uninterrupted network connectivity through continuous monitoring – enabling instant communication within your organisation, as well as with customers and suppliers. Select from managed on-premises or cloud telephone systems, including comprehensive mobile call plans. Our dependable infrastructure ensures security and reliability. 

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    Managed Hardware Services

    Ensuring round-the-clock availability and peak performance, we can help manage and oversee your technology operations. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum – spanning from desktop systems, to networking, storage, voice services, mobile devices, data, security, and cloud-based solutions.

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    Managed Software Services

    Closely working with leading technology partners, we offer comprehensive software system management, from access controls and licensing for Microsoft 365, to data optimisation.  We ensure secure interactions across systems, data, and applications through identity and access rights provisioning.

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    Managed Service Provision

    Safeguard your business assets with our first class layered security and data protection solutions. We are committed to consistently enhancing and supporting our customers technology platforms.    Our certified products and signature aftercare service, grant you peace of mind, letting you focus on the things you do best.

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    Managed Marketing Services

    We design and execute tailored marketing strategies, blending digital and traditional methods. With advanced digital marketing technology, we deliver affordable results whilst elevating your reach.  Every touchpoint becomes a branding opportunity, making our team the perfect marketing solution for your business.

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    Technology Products, Professional and Consultancy Services

    Managed and implemented by our specialists, we present an extensive selection of technology products, spanning PCs, servers, mobile devices, and networking products.  Our wealth of over 40 years’ experience helps deliver expert consultancy services that enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, and help businesses work smarter. 

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